How I Reunited With My Forgotten Soul

Fascinating is the development of a baby in a woman’s womb. From the little heart beat to the soft nails that start to grow to the hair that sprouts. We know of the biological reasons behind these growths and the mechanisms on which they thrive.  So why don’t we have any primary control over them?

We do not control our breath. We just breathe unconsciously.

We do not control our heartbeat. It started when we were conceived and has been beating since.

We do not control the growth of our nails. They have been growing since we were in our mother’s womb, just like our hair.

We do not control the basic functions of our body.

So what is responsible for driving these mechanisms?

What is it that commands the unique combinations of about 37.2 trillion cells which are made from molecules composed of atoms which contain protons, neutrons, electrons and “empty space” between them?

Some call it God, Allah, some call it The Divine Intelligence, Force or Energy. Whatever label we humans have given, there is one vital and profoundly beautiful thing we must be aware of and cannot deny…


I use the word “that” to avoid labeling what simply is. The hot burning vibration is labeled as FIRE. We could actually call it ERIF. It really doesn’t matter because it is still what it is.

So it shouldn’t be a source of conflict to use the terms God, Allah or Divine Intelligence. They are just names given to what already is!

In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.

— Buddha

Still in the womb of our mothers, we were built cell by cell by that divinity, by that genius by that highest power residing even within the “empty spaces” of atoms.

What does that make you and I?

A part of the highest source?

An unbreakable connection to that Divine Intelligence, God, Allah?



We left our mother’s womb and were born into the physical world. That is when SELF – The Ego was formed.

We were born forgetting who we originally were, Spiritual beings. As if we were put on this Earth to go through a journey of RE-MEMBERING / RECONNECTION and REUNFICATION with our soul.

I was born into a church-going family. My life was based on the principles of my thoughts and beliefs I had learnt. But I remember myself to be the stubborn one always asking questions about the HOWs, WHYs and WHATs of life.

Despite being religious, I most certainly wasn’t spiritual. I didn’t feel connected with my soul.

Only later on in life did I realize that is how it was supposed to be.

I had to be disconnected in order to reconnect.

I had to be lost in order to be found.

I had to be feel wrong in order to feel right.

That is part of the journey. 

Little did I know I had started my journey of spiritual awareness. This lead me to stumble upon books, videos and people  of true inspiration and understanding. And just like a puzzle, I started putting the pieces together.

My journey is far from over, but I do feel the difference. My awareness has broadened, I am taking control of my emotions and thoughts. Most of my limiting beliefs have been replaced with empowering ones and most importantly, I have this feeling of calmness and assurance that I am on the right path because of the connection I have built with my inner-self, my soul.



There are ways of RE-MEMBERING, RECONNECTING, REUNITING, DISCOVERING your purpose and feeling the call of your soul like I did.


Breathing and clearing your mind from chaotic thoughts, brings a sense of calmness and clearness. The mind must be harnessed so that the soul can reveal itself .

When a healthy partnership is formed between the two, consciousness is awoken.

A conscious being becomes aware of its spirituality and uniqueness.

You start to RE-MEMBER.



If you are still overwhelmed by past experiences in the present, what a terrible waste of the NOW. Those memories fill us with negative emotions in the NOW, letting no space for positivity.

Such an environment is unappealing.

Take the valuable lessons learnt onboard, clean the cobwebs and make new space for the emergence of the new you. Fall in love with yourself again and  feel the divine presence within.

You start to RE-MEMBER.

Abundance is a process of letting go; that which is empty can receive.

— Bryant H. McGill


Bombarded by News Reports, TV shows and advertisements? We don’t even have time to digest and question what is being feed to us. It has been known for years that mass media manipulates our mind, controlling our thoughts and decisions.

Autonomy and self-awareness is replaced by conformism.

Thoughts of worry, anxiety, fear and consumption are watered.

The outside noise overrides the cry of your soul and is sadly ignored.

Bring down the volume. Reduce the amount of Media you expose yourself to and be selective to what is being thrown at you.

Be aware and you will start to RE-MEMBER.



It is about cleansing and creating the right conditions to reconnect with your soul. That means ending the hate, grudges, envy and gossips. Such habits stiffen your body and harden the heart.

I challenge you to make peace with the people that have disappointed and betrayed you. Most importantly, make peace with yourself. Forgive yourself for past mistakes.

Today is a new day.

Peace within is the perfect setting for your soul to thrive.

You start to RE-MEMBER.



It is almost like writing a question in google and pressing the search button. We are all connected to that divine intelligence, the source of all wisdom.

After all, we were created from it.

All that which has been discovered by man till now, was already there before he walked this Earth.

All that hasn’t been discovered by man yet, already exists.

There is nothing on this Earth or in the Universe that doesn’t already have an answer…waiting to be discovered.

This is what it means in ordinary terms; “God knows everything.”

Once you start asking questions such as,

“Who am I?

“What is my purpose on this Earth?”

“What is the essence of life?”

You start reading inspirational books and articles, you start listening to and watching videos that you came across for a reason and you start feeling a burning sensation of the journey you have started.

You start to RE-MEMBER.


So I end with the question I asked in the beginning…

How do we RE-MEMBER WITH OUR SOUL? How do we REUNITE? How do we make sense of it all?

In the 5 ways described above I can sum up in a sentence;

The whisper of your heart is heard only in silence, acceptance and gratitude.

So, be still, love yourself and be grateful. The rest will happen naturally.

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