Ditch Your Limiting Beliefs in 3 stages

“We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs.” Lousie Hay

Have you ever wondered why you keep getting results you don’t want?

You guessed right…It is because your limiting beliefs repeatedly shape your experiences, prevent you from grabbing opportunities and discourage you from even trying.

Here are some limiting beliefs we have permitted to control our lives…

I am not good enough / I don’t have money / I never have enough time / 

I am too old for that / People can’t be trusted / Money is the root of all evil,

I can’t do that! I’ve never done it before / I don’t deserve him/her /

Guys are only interested in 1 thing / I will never be successful / Money is hard to get/

Money doesn’t grow on trees / No one wants to be my friend / I don’t know how to start / It’s too late to do anything about it.

Guilty of any?

“I am not good enough” was mine. It’s time to bring out all those cobwebs out of the closet to solve the problem.

If you are not sure what your limiting beliefs are, you can find them buried underneath the unwanted results you keep getting.

For example:

You keep having undesired results in relationships. The limiting belief could be “I am not good enough”,“ Guys are interested only in one thing”, “Women are gold diggers,” or “guys don’t date big girls.”

You are struggling with your finances and immersed in the feeling of hopelessness. This may reflect a limiting belief “I am not strong enough.”

Supporting those beliefs may be easy. After all, you have past expereinces to back them up. The bad news is that those expereinces are your creations. The good news is you can equally create new reality that actually serves you.


 Reading this article may mean you are ready to transform your limiting beliefs into something positive and empowering.

Let’s go through 3 stages which worked for me.


Stage 1.


You must first know you are not your thoughts and emotions. Stop identifying yourself with them.

They are simply what they say they are – THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS, OPINIONS. Nothing more.

Instead, you are the observer, the witness – CONSCIOUSNESS.

Catch that negative belief the moment it comes into your mind. Stop it on its tracks.


“Why do I think this is hard or too difficult? What is stopping me? Why? What value am I gaining by holding onto this belief? What evidence is there that disproves this limiting belief? How would I think about this belief if I was Albert Einstein? A child? An entrepreneur? A rock?”

When you become conscious, you then have control over what serves you best in achieving your goal or living a better life.


Stage 2.


Now you are conscious, enlightened and in control of your thoughts.

Stage 2 requires a lot of practice, repetition and commitment!  Like a bad habit, you can’t just get rid of a limiting belief. It has to be replaced and exchanged with a new one.

For example:

“I am never going to be successful.”  Replace that limiting belief with something positive and empowering.

“I lost most of my clients, but I now know what good customer service should look like. I know the weakness of my products. I am now wiser and well equipped for my next start up. I am a better person. I am stronger. I am always learning, I can be successful.”

“Money is the root of all evil” can be replaced with…

“Money is equally the root of all good. Many lives have equally been saved thanks to money.”

“I can’t do it” can be replaced with…

I have the ability to learn and develop with practice. I can do it!”

What is your new empowering belief? Say it out loud.


Stage 3


You now have your new empowering belief. Most people stop there. But not us!

Stage 3 tests how badly you want to achieve your goals or improve aspects of your life you aren’t particularly happy with.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable with your new empowering belief?  I certainly did. You must now strengthen it with supportive references.



You fed you limiting beliefs with opinions which then became your experience which later became you reality.

Now you must educate yourself, read more about the interest you want to develop, sign up for workshops or meet up with positive people, analyze how your role models achieved their goals, write down empowering quotes, stop procrastinating and start getting things done, get more sleep, exercise, start filling in your shopping cart with healthy items.

Once you take action, you bring out new experiences which in turn support your new empowering belief which finally creates the reality you want!

You went for that meet up and met like-minded people. You have new friends!

You signed up for that 1 week course which was an eye-opener on new marketing strategies! You have the knowledge to promote your start-up brand. You feel confident!

Keep feeding your new empowering belief by making conscious choices and taking action until you feel comfortable. This requires determination, consistency and most importantly, challenging your limiting thoughts as the creep back up.

Remember, what you think about, comes about.

What are some of the limiting beliefs you struggle with? Which ones have you managed to overcome? How?  please comment below or email me. Let’s inspire each other.

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