Pump Your Perseverance Muscle – Bartek’s Way

5 times a week,

20 times a month,

240 times a year,

4800 times in 20 years!

That is the number of times my husband has been to the gym since he was 16 years old. He is now 36 and a Personal Trainer.

Altogether that is about…

7200 HOURS!

432,000 MINUNTES!

There have been no short cuts (I mean no hormone growth or steroids). It is all hard work, determination and PERSERVERANCE!

I admired his perseverance so much that I actually sat him down and interviewed him to find out his secret.

This is what he said… (He spoke in Polish so I had to translate it into English)

Me: What inspired you into bodybuilding?

Bartek: I grew up during times of Rambo,Commando and Terminator. Sylvester Stallone, Arnold schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee were my idols. I was inspired by their masculine physique and the respect they earned.

Me: How did you start?

Bartek: I remember as a young teenager, I borrowed a set of dumbbells from a friend to start off. I think I exaggerated because my hands were killing me the next day. I Couldn’t even brush my teeth normally! After a few days I started again…slowly this time. Then it took off from there.

Me: What obstacles did you have along the many years of training.

Bartek: My closest family didn’t quite understand what I was doing and why. I was criticized a lot for being different. It took me 10 years to convince my mother that my natural supplements are NOT steroids! I knew what I wanted to achieve and knew I was doing the right thing, so I didn’t let that get to me. There were other obstacles such as time and money, but I always found a way.

Me: Did you ever feel like giving up? What did you do then?

Bartek: No. Not giving up. There were times I didn’t feel like going to the gym or martial arts training, but I forced myself knowing I would feel disappointed the next day if I didn’t.

This is what I was born for. I love bodybuilding and sports! I love how it makes me feel. It is now a basic part of my physiological need.  Exercising is my life.

Me: What advice would you give to my readers on how to build their perseverance?

Bartek: 1. Know your goal like the back of your hand! You must know WHO you are doing it for and WHY? It shouldn’t be for anybody but YOURSELF!

2. Don’t let the little setbacks bring you down. Give yourself time to learn and adapt.

3. Make IT YOUR RELIGION!  This is the most important part! Make the process in achieving your goal part of your lifestyle, make it something you can’t live without. Just like I can’t live without air or food, I can’t live without sports!

When people say “You are CRAZY!”,  know that you are doing something right in achieving your goal.

Me: Dziękuję kochanie – That means, THANK YOU MY DEAR, in Polish)

A lot has been said about how to build your perseverance muscle to work your way towards success, but my husband’s is the best…


Only then shall you persevere!

On that note I shall end my article with a question…


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