As an entrepreneur:

Veronica delivers custom motivational speeches about her whirling adventure with setting up 3 startups; the pitfalls, the detours, the temptations, the omens but not forgetting the rebound, the restoration, resilience and most importantly, finding her “Goldmine”.

As an Educator:

Motivation for Education is her mission. With 15 years of experience in teaching, Veronica’s speeches are powerful, transformational and impactful. She believes the power of thoughts, self-concept, visualization and the mind should be taught from an early stage.

As a Life Coach:

Veronica strongly believes everyone has their own Goldmine; an ocean of resources, creativity and hidden potential. Veronica engages your audience with soul-stirring, dynamic and interactive presentations which dig deep into their minds (conscious and subconscious) retrieving the gems that make life meaningful, fearless and full of abundance.

Based on her experience as an Educator, a Life Coach and the valuable lessons she learnt from her own startups, here are some of the speeches Veronica is passionate about:

  • Master your mind for Success
  • Re-Discovering your Goldmine
  • It’s all in Your Head – The power of thoughts
  • Bouncebackability – Building resilience as a startup
  • The ABC of designing a peaceful Life
  • The Yes Behind The No
  • Who Do You Think You Are? – Building self-concept from an early stage
  • How to grow young leaders
  • Walk through life consciously and purposefully- Discover your mission
  • A to Z – The Way Forward

Veronica designs bespoke speeches that meet the needs of your event with motivational and actionable takeaways.


Contact Veronica. She would love to meet you and move your audience.

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