Veronica's Speaker Showreel

Looking to book a passionate, engaging, motivational SPEAKER, an EXPERT PANELLIST or a workshop FACILITATOR?

Well, You've certainly found one right here 🙂

Veronica Keynotes and workshops also include:
- Leaders on a Mission
- Speak for Success
-The Goldmine Principles for Success.
- Breakthrough Confidence

Below are some of veronica’s signature talks – The G.O.L.D.M.I.N.E Series.

Veronica’s story

Veronica is a unique motivational speaker. She let her 8 year old self control her young adult life for a long time with disempowering thoughts and inner-criticism such as "I am not good enough", "I am not smart enough" and "I am not worthy". This led her to a very dark place in her life! Fast forward, there was a massive breakthrough when she stumbled upon a mystery book that took her back to the little 8 year old. In that moment, she realised she had been living a terrible lie all along...!