Welcome “Your Extraordinary Mumtastic Life” Academy, the premier 12 week online group coaching programme

MODULE ONE- Design your Extraordinary Mumtastic Life

This is where you get clear on you life's purpose and design your very own Extraordinary Mumtastic Life. You will commit to your powerful transformation and gain clarity of what exactly you want both personally and professionally. Creating that unique vision of your Extraordinary Mumtastic Life will enable you to identify the goals you need to achieve that will allow you to create the lifestyle that you desire.

MODULE TWO – Choose your Mumtastic Goals

This is where you take a quantum leap forward through setting your breakthrough goals that are in alignment with your vision. When you know the target in every detail, the path towards it will unfold. This is where you also face your greatest limiting beliefs and blocks and smash them to the ground! You will achieve your goals and dreams much faster than ever before with unshakable confidence.

MODULE THREE – Create your Mumtastic Goal Action Plan.

This is where the real deal happens as your life begins to take structure. You create your very own Extraordinary Mumtastic goal action plan. This customized road map will take you closer to achieving your breakthrough goals that will ultimately allow you to live the life you desire. Most importantly, you will develop a success-mindset orientation that will help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals faster and more effectively

MODULE FOUR – Develop the Mindset for Success

This is when fear disappears as you start putting your plan into action. Acting despite of fear is a sign of growth. You develop the success mindset you need to continue working through your action plan until the goals are completed. I will teach you how to transform your inner-critic into your inner-coach. With the right tools and techniques you shall stay focused and motivated.

MODULE FIVE – Success Accelerator

It is time to pick up the momentum as we reflect upon your goals and your progress. We will be reviewing your fears and maintain a positive mental attitude to your personal and business life so that you never give up on pursuing your dreams and being a great mum too! We shall stay focused and maintain your forward movement until your goal has been achieved.

MODULE SIX – Live your Extraordinary Mumtastic Life

The key to your success is by eating your cake bite by bite and piece by piece. Breaking your goals into manageable steps and taking consistent action will guarantee your success. Your Extraordinary Mumtastic Action Plan is a living organisim. It may sometimes need adjustments as you learn more about yourself and as the path to success unfolds its self. By this time, you will have noticed a tremendous shift as you now have clarity, focus and unshakable confidence to be that role model for your children, have the time to spend quality time with your family and most importantly, you are living a meaningful, fulfilling and an extraordinary Mumtastic life!

Here is what you get:

- 12 weeks of blended transformational group coaching processes and module training days.

- Lifetime access to my exclusive private FB group with monthly mini video trainings and much more.

- A 1:2:1 75mins private coaching session with me.

- Training materials.

- Once a client always a client approach - Lifetime access to coaching in my exclusive ONLY members community on Facebook.

- Unlimited email support

“Your Extraordinary Mumtastic Life” Academy coaching programme will help you create your desired reality:

- You now have a sense of purpose and mission
-You know your worth and are unapologetically you.
- Clarity of where you are now and where you are heading
- Focus on the tasks and strategies which will take you forward
- Build a powerful and resilient success mindset muscle that will get you through thick and thin.
- Your feel confident and motivated to pursue your dreams of being more than just a mum, guilt-free.
- Because you have clarity and focus on what needs to be done to achieve your goals, you are a calmer and happier mum for your children.
- You are in control of your life hence you are fully present during family time
- Your self-esteem goes up as you do more and take action despite of fear.
- Self-doubt and inner-criticism no longer paralyze you. You have broken those walls and you are stepping into your power!
- You are unstoppable and fearless as you now realise that the only limitations are the ones you set for yourself.
- As you achieve your breakthrough goals, you gain financial freedom, spend more quality time with your family and become that role model your children look up to and learn that anything is possible once you put your mind to it!

Investment in “Your Extraordinary Mumtastic Life” Academy

Pay in full £1500 (payment plan available), EARLY BIRD £987 (BEFORE 14st August 2018)

Here is what you get:

- 12 weeks of blended transformational group coaching processes and module training days.

- Lifetime access to my exclusive private FB group with monthly mini video trainings and much more.

- A 1:2:1 75mins private coaching session with me.

- Training materials.

- Once a client always a client approach - access to coaching in my exclusive ONLY members community on Facebook.

- Unlimited email support

Is this coaching programme right for YOU?

If you are a mum entrepreneur, female leader or expert wanting to start a new business or try something totally new, this is for you. You may have young babies, toddlers, teenagers of even children leaving the nest and going to university.

If you are thinking am I in the right place doing the right thing? You aren’t getting the support from your spouse and you feel like such a failure.
If you are thinking, will I have time to spend with my children, will that make me a bad mum? or maybe you feel your children aren’t getting the time and extra love they deserve from you.

Or maybe you had a successful career and now if feels this “mum thing” is getting too stressful. You feel stuck, frustrated and there is never enough time in the day to get things done. Or maybe you’re thinking “ want to be more than just a mum ..Am I wrong to feel like that? Do I deserve to have it all? Am I worthy to live the lifestyle I desire?

This programme is for you!

You feel you have so much more untapped potential and you have a burning desire to accomplish more for yourself and your family! You have ideas, you have talent, you have knowledge, you have abilities, you have dreams. But you lack the clarity, focus and confidence to go for it! There are too many things preventing you for living your life to the fullest! But you are now ready to take responsibility for the rest of your life and you are here to get the professional support to make it happen!

I want to help you make the best decision for you. Below are some popular questions:

1. How long is Live an "Extraordinary Mumtastic Life"?

It’s a 12-week programme and we unravel your potential, your goldmine! I am with you every single week and checking in daily in the private Facebook group.

2. How is it different from all the rest?

Live an "Extraordinary Mumtastic Life" is meant to get you out of your own way so that you can fearlessly step into your power. This coaching programme uses proven and tested strategies that get the results you want and it starts with MINDSET and goal setting with actionable plans on the way forward.

3. I am a little worried that I won’t have time for it, especially with the children around.

If creating a meaningful and fulfilling life with financial freedom and quality time with family are all important to you, trust me, you will find a few hours a week to show up. This programme works once you work it!
In addition, everything you need is all in one place in an exclusive membership site including every live call recording and you have LIFETIME access to all those resources.

4. Is there a money back guarantee?

No. This programme works 100% if you work it 100%.

If you no longer want to be the victim, but the victor instead...
If you want my help to gain clarity, focus and confidence to grow your business guilt-free or even start a new business or try something totally new or just to make some headspace...
If you want to start setting breakthrough goals and start achieving them...
If you want me to show you how to build a positive mental attitude with a strong success mindset...
If you are ready to do yourself a favour and get out of your own way, stop frstration, stop the guilt, stop the shame, stop the feeling of unworthiness and finally shine you light as you grow and create that lifestyle you desire...

Join me for Live an "Extraordinary Mumtastic Life" Academy. 12 weeks of powerful, transformational success! Let’s do this!

Don’t waste any more time as doubt and fear creeps in. You are in control. Make that decision and join. You can’t afford not to.

One time payment of £1500, ( EARLY BIRD £987, BEFORE 14st August 2018)

Hi! I'm Veronica Owusu-Byczkowska, founder of "Your Extraordinary Mumtastic Life" and I believe being a mum doesn't mean we forget about ourselves and abandon our dreams of being more, doing more and living more.

In order to grow our businesses, set up a new business, find a new career etc., we need to gain crystal clear clarity of what it is we want to be, do and have. We need the focus and unshakable confidence to go against the tide and claim what is rightly ours.

Live an "Extraordinary Mumtastic Life" is the programme to help you get out of your on way, unlock your potential (the ideas, talents, dreams and abilities), maximise performance and achieve those goals that will allow you to live that mumtastic life. Imagine that standing by your death bed is your potential. It is looking at you with loving eyes and saying "Thank you for not giving up on us. Now we can live forever." Veronica Owusu-Byczkowska, Peak Performance Strategist for mums.