I am Veronica Owusu-Byczkowska, your Personal Life Coach and an Educator holding a Master’s Degree in Education and a Diploma in Personal Life Coaching. I am an Inspirational blogger of, writer for the HuffingtonPost UK, and guest expert for as well as the creator of the online handbook “22 Questions To Ditch Self-Limiting Beliefs.”


A few years ago, I believed I wasn’t good or worthy enough to live the life I desired. The stigma of those terrible stories I told myself, dictated my life. I felt frustrated, tired, overwhelmed and totally lost. I had made the wrong choices for the wrong reasons and felt myself falling down the highest mountain certain to crush.

Sounds familiar…?

But it was in that moment I learnt I could fly!

I cleansed myself of my limiting beliefs, replaced them with beliefs that empowered me to choose happiness over sadness, confidence over shyness, courage over cowardness, gratitude over selfishness, compassion over indifference and most importantly, I choose ME. Discovering such inner strength and capability transformed my perception of life forever. Since then, my journey has been made of continuous self-discovery.

Unlocking my potential, has been the greatest gift ever! Moudling and nurturing has truly unleashed the giant within me!


Unlocking Potential, Maximising Performance.

Fascinated by the Principles of Belief, I have made it my personal mission to help break the chains of the terrible stories we tell ourselves and arm others with empowering beliefs that open the doors to their goldmine, an inner pool of never-ending resources, ideas and unique solutions to whatever problem they face. Unleashing their true potential.

As your Life Coach, we shall dig into your goldmine and unravel the unique treasures you hold. Get the tools needed to set goals, plan, stay focused, prioritize, find your path, take concrete actions, stay commited and discover the beauty and abundance life has to offer.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to achieve a life of true meaning, happiness, and peace of the body, mind and soul?




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