Prepare for a Date With Your Dream Goal

„Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” – Alan Lakein

Do you remember that very special date with that very special somebody? There must have been a lot to think about; from where you would be going, how you would get there, what you would wear to look your best, asking experienced friends for some dating tips and if you are anything like me, thinking through what topics to talk about! So much mental, emotional and physical effort put into making that special date happen!

If that much amount of preparation goes into organizing a dream date or dream trip, how about a date with your DREAM GOAL? You have that life goal you want to achieve in your career, finances, health, relationship, family or personal development. You know why you want to achieve that goal and the benefits it will bring you…

How much mental, emotional and physical effort are you willing to put into planning for it?

As a Career and Performance Coach,  I had a lot of goals to plan towards. Here are a few tips I used and still do…

Make challenging goals.

The dream date with your goal must be in an exciting place called The Stretch Zone. To make a difference in my life, I had to leave my comfort zone; a place I felt safe, but bored, a place where I knew it all. I had to set goals which moved me into my stretch zone; a place where things weren’t so predictable, a little bit unconformable, yet exciting, risky, but worth it. My stretch zone was where I grew!  When setting a goal, make sure it is reasonably challenging. You reduce the risk of getting bored, uninterested and demotivated. When you dare to dream big, you turn your dreams into ambitions and ambitions in goals. This all takes place in your stretch zone. So where are you meeting your goal at? The Comfort Zone or The Stretch Zone?

Write your goal down.

Write your goal down, not on any old random piece of paper, but into that special diary, notebook or card. Keep it close to you. It must be specific and positive.

E.g. I will travel to 3 counties in 3 different continents this year. I enjoy the health and freedom of being debt free. I am confident to share my opinion any let others know how I really feel.

A goal which is not written down is merely a vague notion, a fantasy, a dream. It will soon be buried under the ravels of everyday life issues! Something magical happens when writing down your goals. They are engraved into your subconscious and somehow captured. It makes them reality. A simple action of physically writing down your goals lays a firm foundation in preparation of what is to come. So what are you waiting for? Get that pen, get that notebook and write your goal down, now!

Review you goal regularly.

So you are serious about achieving that specific and positive goal. Most importantly, you have written it down. That’s being action-driven! Great! Take out that diary or notebook and read out your goal each morning and each evening. What images flash through your mind? Take note of how you feel, what you see and hear and who you are with. Know that everything you say, think, feel and do is moving you closer to your goal. Repetition is the mother of skill.

Create a Vision Board.

I have a scrap book where I stick different pictures that inspire me and remind me of my goals. They represent who I want to be, what I want to do and what I want to have. A vision board is a beautiful collage of pictures cut out from magazines which keep you inspired and motivated. A kind of support system for your imagination. It influences the conscious and subconscious mind, creating a doorway into a new reality of your making. If you want to stay focused and keep your dreams, desires and aspirations alive, a vision board is a must! You want to keep your desires on fire, create a mindset of possibilities and take baby step actions towards that date with your dream goal!

Measure your goal.

You have that stunning outfit, it’s hanging gracefully on your door. You’ve been to the barber’s/hairdressers, your hair is popping! You know that date night has finally come and you can feel the excitement!  So how do you know when you have finally achieved your goal? Measure them.

My debts have reduced by 30%, I weigh 5kilos less, I now spend quality time with my family at the weekends.

You must establish ways of measuring the outcome. This gives you clear and motivating feedback that you are on track.

Just like the effort put into planning a special date, a goal must be backed with action planning process. Like Anatole France said – to accomplish great things, we must not only ACT, but also DREAM; not only PLAN, but also BELIEVE. I hope you find these tips helpful and good luck on your date with your dream goal!

MAKE IT HAPPEN! Don’t let another goal pass you by!

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