Have you ever sat there daydreaming of how great your future could look like? Have you ever imagined yourself in a certain situation and felt so excited you thought it was real?

I remember going to work in the tram and daydreaming about who I really wanted to be! I would virtually see myself on stage in front of hundreds of people and giving one of the post powerful, inspirational speeches, transforming lives and bringing out the very best in people! I would smile to myself, my heart would beat faster and sometimes a tear would trickle down my cheek.

I had a strong feeling I could do this! I had that sensation I was born to do this! That was my potential! That was how good I could perform. All I had to do was figure a way of unlocking that potential.

This is exactly what Performance Coaching is. It is all about unlocking future potential and boosting performance. It doesn’t matter  what your current state is. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through now. Performance Coaching is based on the belief that YOU WANT TO and YOU CAN DO a great job!

If the mind can see, feel it and believe it, then you can make it happen!

That dream, vision or burning desire becomes your reality!

Performance Coaching gets you there!

I held close that vivid vision of transforming lives and empowering people to excel in whichever area they wanted, but I had barriers and obstacles to overcome. My limiting beliefs of thinking I wasn’t strong enough, capable enough and the belittling thought that I was nobody, stopped me from taking action towards pursuing that vision which brought me so much inner joy! Through those clouds, I couldn’t see a way of overcoming  those barriers.

Performance Coaching is an approach that takes away all those inbuilt barriers, hurdles, obstacles and terrible stories you tell yourself that prevent you from actually taking action on and delivering against your personal goals.


The key is awareness. By being aware, you are sharpening your senses and engaging your brain. This simply means you TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR STEERING WHEEL

You are in control of what you accept and disregard into your life! You control your emotions and your thoughts rather than being controlled by them! You are in charge of the INPUT. That on its own is a POWERFUL SKILL to have!

Performance Coaching aims to increase performance – the OUTPUT.

This means…


Performance Coaching directs intense focus on your goals. Where FOCUS goes, ENERGY flows.

Performance Coaching creates COMMITMENT to move actions forward, ENGAGEMENT to get things done and MOTIVATION to keep the fire burning!

Coaching is for anyone who wants to move from where they are now to where they want to be!

You could be…

  • An experienced Corporate Manager or a newly positioned Manager facing overwhelming workload, dealing with the increasingly stressful demands and decision making of an expanding company, whiles staying on top of on-going events and enabling clearer communication.
  • An Entrepreneur and Business Owner who has dreams, ideas and aspirations with a burning desire to bring them to life.
  • A Leader facing continuous pressure to lead a team effectively, maximise performance, giving desired results whiles keeping spirits high.
  • A private individual who feels stuck, frustrated and bored, but wants to break FREE of all those limiting beliefs, build confidence and get things done! Somebody who thinks his or her goals are impossible just because they have never done it before, but wants to discover HOW. An individual who wants to make the right choices to move forward and live a better quality life.

Want to know more about the benefits coaching can bring into your life or organization?

You’ve got nothing to lose but an opportunity…