Coaching Programmes

There is a new power in town wating to be unleashed! And that power is in you!

The power in you:
that makes a difference in their lives
that has the ability to make an impact
whose voice matters and touches souls
that is fearless and unstoppable
that lives the lifestyle it has always desired!

In this coaching programme, you will learn to finally get out of your own way, stay confident and focused so that you can fearlessly step into your power to live more, do more and most importantly be more!

How much longer are you going to choose to trap your power behind other people's opinions, behind your fears, imprisoned in that space you call your comfort zone?

I know for a fact you have had enough of that! You are on a mission and you need evey ounce of that power to get you through! YOU CAN DO IT!

These are the benefits of completing The Step Into Your Power Blueprint Coaching Programme:

Step 1: Ultimate self-control Formula
You will:
- Overcome feeling like a victim all the time.
- Acquire the skills to handle whatever life throws at you.
- Learn how to make "lemonade" from "lemons" and start getting desired results
- Build your confidence
- Stay motivated and inspired.

Step 2: Ultimate Breakthrough Self-Confidence Formula
You will:
- Transform your inner-critic into your inner-cheerleader
- Techniques to use to act in spite of fear
- Learn to fully love yourself by building the 3 pillars of self-concept (self-image, self-ideal, self-esteem)

Step 3: The Goal Achiever Road Map
You will:
- Gain clarity on what you want to accomplish in the next 12mths-3 years
- Learn how to set goals and transform them into a plan to take action upon.
- Identify and remove your self-sabotaging, self-limiting,” don’t deserve,” “can’t do it,” “not motivated” and fearful thoughts.
- Drive results faster than you ever expected.

Step 4: Positive Attitude Mindset Approach
You will:
- Be able to bounce back from disappointment
- Become a “rejection” expert and unstoppable
- Learn how to stay optimistic
- Be positive, confident and full of energy.

Step 5: Productivity Booster
You will:
- Learn how to get more results faster and easier
- Learn and apply techniques on effective prioritizing
- Have more time for your family and personal life

Step 6: Communicate with Power
You will:
-learn how to effectively structure your talk
- Plan, prepare and deliver powerful talks
- discover techniques that will WOW your audience, no matter how small.

A Dream written down with a date becomes a goal, a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan and a plan backed by persistent action becomes your reality.

All high achievers are intensely goal-oriented. They hold a crystal clear picture of what they want and stay focused on achieving it.

You will learn how to develop your own personal goal achieving road map for swift results in the most important parts of your life. There are no limitations to The Ultimate Goal Setting & Achieving Programme.

These are the benefits of completing The Goal Setting & Achieving Programme

You will:

• Understand the importance of clarity

• Set a clear vision in the most important parts of your life

• Understand how vital it is to take responsibility in order to succeed.

• Identify your motives and values

• Get clear on your purpose to be sure your ladder is leaning against the right wall

• Create a vision of your ideal life to ensure harmony

• Set goals in the most important parts of your life

• Learn and apply goal setting tools and techniques

• Plan and prioritize an action plan, stepping stones and journey goals towards success