“Imagine if you being on your death bed – and standing around your bed are the ghosts of your potential (the ideas, talents, dreams and abilities), and they are looking at you with large angry eyes, saying “It was only you who could have given us life and now, we must die with you forever.” – Les Brown

Hi, I'm Veronica and yes, I can help you live an Extraordinary Mumtastic Life.

As a mum running her own business or setting up her own business or looking for something totally different, you have ideas raving in your head, you have talents, you have skills you have dreams of being more, doing more and living more. Very often, the first thing that comes to mind are the learnable hard skills of running a business, such as branding, marketing, sales, client leads etc. Even though all those aspects are important, I am going to make sure you don't skip the most important step - MINDSET

Your success = 80% mindset, 20% skill

Your ability to be a great mum for your children and successfully pursue your dreams and ambitions, starts with a success mindset. That means having the clarity, focus and unshakable confidence, enthusiasm and motivation to set breakthrough goals and actually do what it takes to make them happen, no matter what.

The truth is…

you need to first get out of your own way. You have built a solid brick wall which needs to be broken down brick by brick. You need to reprogramme your mind for true success in all areas of your life. You need to gain clarity on what it is you want for YOU. You need to gain focus in that sometimes chaotic world of being a mum and an entrepreneur. Your need unshakable confidence to overcome self-doubt, inner-criticism and guilt.

You need all of the above before you even think of investing a fortune in marketing your business. Because all the knowledge and tools you may have acquired will be useless without the right mindset. This will leave your frustrated, impatient, guilty because you aren't enjoying family time like you want to.

I learnt that lesson the hard way many years ago when I had set up an import - export company with two other people. Business was going well and the future looked promising. But my mindset, resilience and confidence was put to the test. It was then that I hit rock-bottom. I lacked the confidence to speak up, I felt I wasn't smart enough to get back up, I doubted myself and my capabilities. I blamed and complained about everything and everyone except myself. I felt guilty because I knew my children deserved a better mum. The shame, the rejection and isolation.

But is this how I wanted to show up for my children? No!
Is this how I was going to teach them that they are more than enough? No!
Is this how I was going to encourage them to never give up? No!
Is this how I was going to teach them to take responsibility for their lives and live their dreams? NO WAY!

With outside support, I came to the awareness that we are what we think we are. I was fascinated as I discovered the creative power of the mind, and the power of the subconscious mind and how I had self-sabotage my personal and business success. As a former teacher, development was always an area of interest. How we can create an extraordinary life by mastering our mind was mind-blowing for me!

I immersed myself into personal development and finally pursued my long lost passion of inspiring people. I officially enrolled to become a certified Personal Development Coach. Setting up my business was scary at the beginning as thoughts of self-doubt started creeping in from the past. ....

…but this time, I was ready.

My coaches had already helped me unravel my true potential. This time I knew what I wanted. I had the clarity. I had the focus and I had the confidence to pursue my mission of helping other mums going through what I experienced many years ago.

I realized that when I stood for myself, when I knew my worth, when I had the clarity and the unshakable confidence to do more and be more, I was the BEST mum my children could ever ask for!

Today, Despite our imperfections, I am happier than I have ever been before. I live with purpose, I live by example and...

I have no shame in saying “I am much more that just a great mum!”

The question is – if you die today, what ideas, what dreams, what abilities, what talents, what gifts, would die with you?”

I don’t want you to spend one more day feeling guilty, feeling shameful, feeling isolated, overwhelmed, doubtful, frustrated and at the verge of giving up your dreams! I don't want your potential to be trapped behind those walls you have built for yourself.

Say YES to an Extraordinary Mumtastic Life by booking a free discovery call with me today. Click on the link below to complete a call questionnaire and schedule your call now.

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