Educator and Mindset Coach

It all starts with a thought in your mind which generates a specific feeling. You choose to give power to that feeling which directly influences your specific behaviour and  finally creates a result, an experience; YOUR REALITY.

“How have you used this creative human ability to your advantage…..or disadvantage?” is a question Veronica Owusu-Byczkowska often poses before her clients. Veronica’s greatest passion is helping women deal with such issues that prevent them moving  from where they are now to where they want to be, achieving their goals, performing their best and creating a meaningful life. She is an Educator and a Mindset Coach.

Veronica knows that no single journey is the same for every individual, and that’s why she has been trained in a range of modalities including Powerful Questioning Approach, Empowerment and Motivation, Elimination of Limiting-Beliefs, Goal Setting Techniques and an introduction to NLP and DISC. She uses these techniques and approaches all to help resolve pressing issues, overcome challenges and unlock your Goldmine ( your hidden potential), allowing to create a life you desire and rightly deserve. No wonder she is also known as The Goldmine Coach.

Veronica holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Sciences, a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, a certificate in CELTA and TELC Examination and a certificate in Prince2 Foundation in Project Management. She is also a blogger for The Huffington Post UK, Lifehack.org and a guest expert for everythingbabyandmore.com. She is the author of an online workbook “22 Questions to Ditch Self-Limiting Beliefs” and a Motivational Speaker.

During the most difficult time of her life when Veronica was fallng down the highest mountain, certain to crash. She had lost almost everything to 3 startups that struggled, leaving her alone and bankrupt. “It felt like I had dug my own grave” says Veronica. All hope seemed lost.

It was in this darkest moment that Veronica realised the power of the mind, thoughts, and belief-system. It became clear how she was responsible for sabotaging her life with limiting beliefs, excuses, finger-pointing and terrible thoughts she convinced herself to be true. Fascinated by this concept, Veronica mastered her mind. If her thoughts and beliefs had lead her to failure, then they can surely lead her to success! Veronica had discovered her Goldmine.

“What the mind can conceive, it can achieve” became Veronica’s daily mantra. Her mission is to motivate and empower  teachers, students and entreprenuers to ditch self-sabotaging thoughts and limiting-beliefs that prevent them from living the life that they genuinely desire and discovering their Goldmine; an ocean of resources, creativity and possibilities!





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