My journey from Vicitm to Victor!

Lost, trapped, scared, uncertain, the Victim. That’s how I felt when we had to close down two companies that I had co-founded . We had set up a web development agency and later on an import-export company, supplying natural unrefined she butter to cosmetic companies around the world. I thought I was creating my dream life, to make more money and get the things I always wanted! Things didn’t turn out  as I had imagined. I showed signs of very low confidence as I never really had a voice and believed my opinions never  mattered. I had no idea what the purpose of these businesses were other than to make money. We had not set goals, no vision, no direction. We reacted spontaneously to outside circumstances rather than respond. Even though we were running a business, we weren’t doing so purposefully. And with the way things were going, we were certain to crush.

And we did. My marriage was on the rocks, I had lost people I thought were my friends  and I found myself in a PawnShop one afternoon selling some of my precious belongings so that we could pay for the rent. I felt ashamed, defeated, cheated on, angry and helpless. I felt I was Victim.

My life had become painful to live. I was missing out on the true purpose and meaning of life.

But it was in that moment of unbearable pain  I heard a soft whisper saying

“Veronica, it’s time to take charge of your life” What is your purpose? This is not how you want to show up for your children.”

It was time to step into my power, take 100% responsibility for where I was. Stop the blaming and complaining and start living with purpose.

Funny enough, as if by a divine force, I stumbled upon an audio book on Youtube, that transformed the way I thought forever.  I immersed myself into personal development, reprogrammed and rewired my mind. I built myself a support system and surrounded myself with new people and new ideas. I listened to audio books, watch hundreds of videos and read immensely.  I was fascinated by the power of the mind, the power of thoughts, the power of the subconscious mind and our belief system. I worked on my confidence and for the first time set myself a goal to transform my life, live on purpose from victim to victor.

I knew I had a message to share. I knew I want to help. I knew I wanted to Inspire. I knew I wanted to transform lives. So I enrolled to become a certified personal development coach. Today, I operate from a space of inner power and I run my business and live my life on purpose.

Today, I am a Peak Performance Strategist, Personal Development Expert and known as The Power Coach. I live my values by helping other professionals, business owners and individuals step into their power to gain the clarity, focus and unshakable confidence to power themselves on purpose, power their business on purpose and power their relationships on purpose so that they can live a truly purposeful and meaningful life in abundance with the freedom to live more, do more and be more!


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