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Here are what some of my clients had to say about coaching with me…

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Pascaline Piot Designer of Hand-crafted branding for small businesses

"Before I started working with Veronica, I was unsure of the direction to take in my career. She helped me find a focus and put myself in the right state of mind. After three weeks, I found myself with multiple jobs coming at me and I believe that it's the focus I gained that helped unlock these opportunities. She's a great listener and asks questions that relate to each person's personal and professional issues."

Anaya Wagle Manager -Academic Research

"Deep conversations with the right people are priceless. I got an opportunity to speak to Veronica on certain concerns,the kind of insight gained post the conversation is mind blowing with just a single conversation I got a clear picture of my thoughts and ideas. She rightly said,never underestimate the power to change yourself and the all the solution to the problems lies within,it all depends on the way we think and react to situations. She is truly a magician who can get your subconscious mind to work and reason. I have no words to express my Gratitude,but yes she is priceless."

"Veronica has a very soft and gentle tone which eases you into having and wanting a deeper conversation with her. We shared what I aspire to be in life and we discussed the weak areas that were holding me back. I am a very driven and ambitious woman but like many others, I have many blockages that stop me from reaching my true potential and I was so glad that we could discuss this and come up with a plan to work on these. Before the session, I felt that I had to shut out a feeling or consult a friend but Veronica has brought back key areas that I need to focus on, which are already helping me give my dreams a 100%. I am so grateful to have had this session and I can't wait to see what unfolds out of this. A true gem, thank you Veronica :)"

Alessandra Troisi Entrepreneur, Business advisor, Efficiency Enthusiast.

"Veronica saw me, saw my darkness and my light, and pulled some real-ness right out of my own mouth as I sat there listening to myself answer questions I’ve never had to verbalize before. If you find the opportunity to connect with her, do yourself the favor. You’ll thank yourself, and hug yourself, later."